Correlation between cell-free mRNA expressions and PLGF protein level in severe preeclampsia

Akhmad Yogi Pramatirta
Johannes Mose
Jusuf S Effendi
Sofie Rifayani Krisnadi
Anita Deborah Anwar
Prima Nanda Fauziah
Jeffy Iman Gurnadi
Dwi Davidson Rihibiha

Journal: BMC Research Notes


Background : Preeclampsia is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, both maternal and perinatal. The etiology and pathophysiology of preeclampsia remain unknown. Research shows the implantation of the placenta in preeclampsia occurs due to incomplete angiogenic imbalance as one of the preeclampsia pathogenesis. PlGF is angiogenic protein which is synthesized in placenta by mRNA PlGF. When damage occurs, mRNA will be released from cell and form cell-free mRNA. This study aims to analyze the diffrences between the PlGF mRNA expression in severe preeclampsia and normal pregnancy as well as to measure the relationship between cell-free mRNA and levels of PlGF with the incidence of severe preeclampsia.

Methods : The method used in this study is an observational analytic study with cross-sectional design. Blood samples were obtained from patients with preeclampsia and normal pregnancies as the controlling factors in accordance with inclusion and exclusion criterias. Examination of the PlGF level was measured by ELISA method and mRNA PIGF expression was measured by RT-PCR. Physical and laboratory examinations of patients were recorded and collected as data. Calculations were done by statistical analysis.

Results: Mean of the cell-free mRNA PlGF expression level in severe preeclampsia is 2.2983 ng/mL within the scale of 1.96–2.83 ng/mL and deviation standard of 0.1897. Using Pearson Analysis Test, the result shows that there is a positive correlation between cell-free mRNA expression and PlGF protein level in severe preeclampsia, with r = 0.640 dan p < 0.004.

Conclusion: There is no diffrence between expression of cell-free mRNA PlGF in severe preeclampsia serum and normal pregnancy. There is a signifiant correlation between expression of cell-free mRNA and PlGF protein level in severe preeclampsia.

Keywords: PlGF, Cell-free mRNA PlGF, Preeclampsia