Risk Factors, Management, and Pregnancy Outcome

Adhi Pribadi
Anita Deborah Anwar
Johanes Cornelius Mose

Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ), Volume III, Issue VIII, August 2015

This study aimed to get the symptoms, complications, clinical summaries, mortality and morbidity in the mother and fetus (neonates) with AFLP in Hasan Sadikin hospital Indonesia. The study design in the form of a descriptive study on 7 AFLP cases are diagnosed and treated period 2010-2013. There were a total of 10 patients who carried the diagnose of AFLP,but only 7 patients who continued treatment and management further. Based on the medical record of patients with AFLP obtained clinical features, laboratories results, inspection, as well as maternal and fetal prognosis. Laboratories examination showed hyperbilirubinemia, increased liver enzymes, and all patients were negative for hepatitis examination. The main symptoms are gastrointestinal disorders include nausea, vomiting, and jaundice. While the majority of complications that arise include acute kidney injury, Disseminated intravascular coagulation and metabolic acidosis. Maternal mortality is very high (85.7%), only one case both of mother and baby can survive and be able to hospital discharge with
permission. Index term– AFLP, jaundice, complications, maternal mortality.