Organoleptic, pH Stability, Viscosity, and Sterility of Sonohysterosalpingography hydroxy propyl cellulose-based gel (As an alternative media for examination of Hystero-Foam Sonosalpingography)

Dian Tjahyadi
Mirani Pertiwi
Tono Djuwantono
Nasrul Wathoni
Ruswana Anwar

American Journal of Research Communication, 2015, 3(5): 10-27} ISSN: 2325-4076.

Tubal evaluation is an important step in female infertillity investigation. Sonohysterosalpingography is a method to evaluate tubal patenct by using ultrasonography. This method requires media distention. Saline is commonly use but have several limitation. Gel is an alternative to saline. Technique that use gel as media distention is known as Hystero-Foam Salpingography (HyFoSy), a technique that recently developed. Gel is the best media distention
because its more stabile and last longer in the tube. Sterile gel that available now developed from hydroxyetil celullose, but this product still have to be imported with high cost. Hydroxypropil celulose is an alternative for it, it is much common in Indonesia and the price is cheaper. In preliminary study 3 formulations of hydroxypropil celulose was designed. Comparison between formulas concerning physical appereance, pH level, viscosity and sterility was anallized. This research was designed as a laboratoric experiment to compare three different gel formulation. Evaluation concerning changes in physical appereance , pH level and viscocity was observed for 42 days. Sterile condition was observed for 12 days. The differences between data is anallized by ANAVA and correlation between variable was studied. In 42 days of observation there were no changes in consistency, color and odor of all formulas. pH level was different among formulas (p<0,05) and pH level decreased during the observation but still in the range of original product pH level. The viscosity also different among formula (p<0,05) and decrease during observation. There is no different in sterilization result. Among three formulas, the first formula that consist of 3,5 % hydroxypropil cellulose, 5 % gliserol and aquabidestilata is the best formula close to inovator gel. Key Words : Hydroxypropil cellulosa, Sonohysterosalpingography, Sterile gel